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Each session we aim to provide the children with the facility to learn through play and prepare them for primary school in a variety of ways by:

  • Stimulating children's imagination and creativity

  • Enriching children's language development

  • Forming the basis of mathematical understanding

  • Enabling children to come to terms with aspects of their own lives and express their feelings

  • Encouraging the development of manipulative skills

  • Offering the chance to explore and enjoy natural materials

  • Developing muscular strength and co-ordination

  • Establishing the use of symbols and patterns which form the basis of general reading and writing

  • Helping children to respect and enjoy the companionship of other children and adults

  • Creating habits of listening and concentration

  • Extending children's understanding of science and the world around them

  • Responding to children's need to explore through their senses. Selsdon Baptist Church Pre-School is a play based community of children ,parents and educators. We believe that children flourish best : through a secure, nurturing foundation of care and attention that meets their individual needs. Where they can develop as social beings ,who can build and maintain friendships, wait, share ,take turns and show respect. Where their enjoyment and happiness are recognised as holding intrinsic value. Where they can engage their hands, heart and head in a variety of stimulating and inspiring play-based activities. Where they will be supported by a diverse staff team of different talents and skills who can provide high quality interactions to help unlock all children's potential. We ensure secure attachments between the staff/parents and children to be able to enjoy their play learning above and beyond. To empower the children to be independent learners and have confidence to be what ever they want to be.

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