Our Aims

Each session we aim to provide the children with the facility to learn through play and prepare them for primary school in a variety of ways by:

  • Stimulating children's imagination and creativity

  • Enriching children's language development

  • Forming the basis of mathematical understanding

  • Enabling children to come to terms with aspects of their own lives and express their feelings

  • Encouraging the development of manipulative skills

  • Offering the chance to explore and enjoy natural materials

  • Developing muscular strength and co-ordination

  • Establishing the use of symbols and patterns which form the basis of general reading and writing

  • Helping children to respect and enjoy the companionship of other children and adults

  • Creating habits of listening and concentration

  • Extending children's understanding of science and the world around them

  • Responding to children's need to explore through their senses.

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Call Us: 0203 617 6781   /   sbcps@live.co.uk   /  Selsdon Baptist Church, 153 Addington Rd, South Croydon CR2 8LL

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