We accept children aged 2-4 yrs. We offer funded places upto 30 hrs a week 

Selsdon preschool

We are a warm and friendly pre-school offering term time care in Selsdon and surrounding areas in Croydon. We aim to stimulate children's imagination, language development and creativity through play. Validated by Ofsted as Good and we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage.


Term time only

All day Mon-Fri 09:30-15:30

Please provide packed lunch

Morning session 09:30-12:30

Afternoon session 12:30-15:30

Frequently asked questions

How do you help my child settle into the pre-school?

A happy introduction to the pre-school is important and parents of new children will be expected to stay on their childs first day. When it is time to say goodbye it is helpful to do so quickly as lingering farewells make a child anxious. Staff are on hand to look after a child immediately and no child it left to cry. If we are unable to comfort your child we will contact you, as our main concern is that children feel happy and safe at Selsdon Baptist Church Pre-School.

How will I know how my child is doing?

We review a childs progress and provide written evidence, pictures and photographs to document their development within the Early Years Foundations Stage. Children will recieve their own folder which you may review at anytime and will follow them onto school.

What should my child wear?

Its important for children to express themselves without worring about spoiling their clothes, so we advice sending children wearing old clothes and sensible footwear (trainers or plimsoles).

Will my child get a snack?

Milk/water and a healthy snack will be offered to children during the session.